Volunteer Registration

Thank you for your interest,  volunteer registration is now closed.  Please come back next year. 

Please refer below for timeline and duty description. Please select all positions you could serve, we will assign duties based on your choices as well as your experience/age.  Thank you very much!

Contest Day (April 20) Volunteer Timeline

  • 10:30am Volunteer report
  • Followed by briefing, lunch, duties.
Volunteer Duty Description

Contest Toastmaster

Before the contest:
1. Plan a short opening to ease the audience into the contest.
2. Draw the speaking order and write down the contestant’s name onto the whiteboard
3. Brief the Contestants, following the script by the chief judge.

During the contest:
1. Keep the Contest on time
2. Introduce speaker to the center of the stage. Shake hands. (lead the applause if there is none)
3. Shake hands after speaker finishes (lead the applause if there is none)
4. Announce 1 minute of silence. Introduce the next speaker after the timer showed the red sign

After the contest:
Interview the contestants on the stage (optional)

(Two timers for each contest group)

Before the contest:
1. Pick the stopwatches at the briefing. Ensure the stopwatch is working and familiarize with the operation of the timing device
2. Sit at the front that the signal sheet must be in full view of the speaker
3. Write down the speakers names in the Time Record Sheet

During the contest:
1. Timing begins with the first definite communication with the audience.
2. Signals the green, yellow and red sign per the instruction of the chief judge
3. Record the speaking time.
4. Start timing after 1 minute silence is announced
5. Show red sign at the end of 1 minute silence period
6. Return the stopwatches and signs

Sergeant At Arms:

1. Before contest
a. Be at the room before contest starts
b. Ensure the room is set up properly, including the chairs, tables, whiteboard
c. Ensure the safety with no power cords crossing the walkways of the room
d. Ensure only one entrance to the room, blocking other entrance if needed
e. Announce the location of the emergency exits (room and building)
2. During the contest
a. Maintain contest order by assisting the contest master and timers as they fulfill their contest roles
b. Maintain a seat inside the room by the entry door
c. Ensure no audience make gesture, move or make sound (except respond naturally to the speech) except in the one minute silence period
d. Ensure no recording or photographing
e. Allow people in/out during 1 minute silent period, provide/direct a place to sit
3. After the contest – restore the room; in charge of lost and found.